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Memorials for Ciara
Every September, members of the Durkin family and their friends take part in the Quincy Medical Center Cancer Walk.
The proceeds from this walk go towards cancer screenings for individuals who could not otherwise afford them.
Last September, the day before the cancer walk, we got the horrific news that our sister had died in Afghanistan. Although we were distraught, we choose to walk because it would have been what Ciara would have wanted and expected from us. Ciara had donated, online from Afghanistan, to the cancer walk under the name Ciara Weera Brat. In addition to her donation, she wrote "I give because I learned to stay strong here in Afghanistan because of your courage. I Love You. Ciara's mother and sister Deirdre are both breast cancer survivors. Thank you to all who donated.
Our team was thrilled when we raised $7,737.00 for the Medical Center. After the walk, the organizers of the event announced that they wanted to memorialize Ciara in some way. It was recently decided to do this by naming the Cancer Resource Library at Quincy Medical Center in memory of Ciara, an honor we are delighted to accept on Ciara's behalf.
Quincy Medical Center Cancer Walk - September 29, 2007
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