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We captured this dinner in two videos. They were taken when the family was having one of it's last dinners with Ciara before she returned to Afghanistan.

In the first video, Ciara is explaining to the family what's on her agenda for the last few days of her stay in the US.

In the second video, Ciara is recording the family sitting at the table each person in an active discussion. Towards the end of the video, you'll see Ciara and Pierce recording each other as a joke.
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September 12, 2007 - Dinner with Family.
In March of 2006, Ciara graduated from Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Ciara's mother, sister Maura, brother Pierce, and partner Haidee traveled from Boston to view the ceremony.

In video one, Ciara is giving her mother, Maura, Pierce, and Haidee a tour of her barracks. She loved to show-off how neat she kept her locker!

In video two, Ciara, her mother, Pierce, Maura, and Haidee visit the base PX store. The video shows Ciara exiting the building and "re-hatting" herself.
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March 2006 - Ciara's Boot Camp Graduation.
In November of 2006, Ciara was deployed with her unit to Afghanistan. In these three videos you'll see different parts of the ceremony. The event was attended by her sisters Fiona, Deirdre, and Maura, her brother Pierce, her nieces and nephews, and her partner Haidee.

In video one, you'll see Ciara's unit ceremoniously entering the Armory.

In video two, you'll see Ciara shaking hands with the ceremony's guests of honor.

In video three, you'll see Ciara hugging her family in the procession line.
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November 2006 - Ciara's Send-Off Ceremony.
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In November of 2006, the family was scheduled to have their first Thanksgiving Dinner without Ciara. But, characteristic of Ciara, she was able to finagle some time off, jumped on a plane, and surprised the family with a visit.

In video one, you'll see Ciara walking in to surprise her mother.
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November 2006 - Ciara's Suprise visit home for Thanksgiving Dinner.
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