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On June 27th, 2008 in Washington D.C., we bid a final farewell to Ciara, as her remains were interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

Almost one hundred of Ciara's family and friends arrived at Fort Meyer Memorial Chapel for an 11:00am service. We were joined by Colonel Tom Devine, who was Ciara's commander in Afghanistan; by Mayor Tom Koch of Quincy, and by soldiers who had trained with Ciara. A Guard of Honor carried Ciara's ashes into the chapel.
After the service, we proceeded with Ciara's remains to Section 60 on York Drive. A temporary marker, displaying her name and grave number, 8733, marked the spot where we laid Ciara to rest. The marker has since been replaced by a headstone.
Our sincere gratitude to Congressman Delahunt for welcoming us to the Capitol and for his continued and tireless support throughout this difficult time.
The duration of our stay in Washington D. C. was a celebration of Ciara's life. From the moment of her birth, Ciara brought us joy and happiness. We remembered, with laughter and tears, the thirty years of love we shared with her. She is resting now.
She is at peace.
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