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Memorials for Ciara
Patriots Game - October 7, 2007
In addition to being an avid Red Sox fan, Ciara also loved the New England Patriots. When Ciara was at home on leave, she would often watch the game with her brother Pierce and her partner Haidee. It was always fun watching them win!

On October 7th, 2007, Ciara was honored during the New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns football game. During half-time, there was a ceremony to swear-in new incoming National Guard troops. After the troops marched onto the field, Ciara, along with the other soldiers that gave their lives, were remembered.

During this time, Ciara's picture was put up on the stadium's jumbo-tron.

In addition to the half-time ceremony, Ciara was honored on the stadium's jumbo-tron a second time.

The game was attended by Pierce (Ciara's brother), Haidee (Ciara's partner), and Haidee's mother. Their attendance was made possible by the generous gift from a family friend.
Click here for video of the rememberance.
Click here for picture 1 of the 1st display on the jumbo-tron.
Click here for picture of the 2nd display on the jumbo-tron.
Click here for picture 2 of the 1st display on the jumbo-tron.
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